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Hi! My Name is Michael Zampino. I’m a thirty-something computer and gadget geek living in Bergenfield, New Jersey with my wife, daughter and four giant dogs. My wife and I both worked (she is still there) for EBSCO Information Services where I was the Operations / Project Manager of their Publisher Relations division, and my wife is a Customer Service Representative in their Subscription Service division. We met about a week after I was hired as a Network Administrator in her division in August 2001, and a month after returning home to my hometown in New Jersey.  We have been married almost 5 years now.

Before returning to New Jersey, I was living in Columbia, Maryland where I worked for my two good friends at their great dot-com company called WebOS.com. WebOS, was our Web Operating System that was way ahead of its time, and it still puts what is out there now to shame. The company initially started out as HyperOffice.com, which is an Easy-to-use, affordable small business Groupware solution. Hired as employee #1 to help them get off the ground and be their technical / everything else guru, we soon grew to over 50 employees, and raised a whopping 10 Million in VC funding. Well, when the dot-com bubble popped, so did the company. But as genius as the founders (my friends) were, they bounced right back, and I’m glad they did. Their products today give me hours of entertainment and productivity. Drew Morris is CTO of the resurrected and improved HyperOffice.com, and Shervin Pishevar, is CEO of Social Gaming Network. (Sorry for the shout-outs, but I consider my two friends to be my mentors. I would not have any focus or drive without them behind me).

As you can see, I’ve been in an Information Technology role for most of my life. I have been everything from a Programmer to Help Desk / Network Administration. Recently, I have been slowly moving towards the business side. I’m now doing email and internet marketing, as well as studying to become a certified Project Manager.

Other then work, I’ve been focusing on building my social network, using such tools as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Lately, I enjoy designing and working on my blog, and making a commitment to actually make time to sit down and write content (which I could never do, or find time to do in the past). 

My interests include: gadgets (especially my iPhone, I cannot live without it), anything about technology, reading, computers, digital photography, my blog, movies (both comedies, and horror), music, and social networking.

Feel free to contact me / friend me.  And please, let me know if I can be of any help to you.


Michael Zampino
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