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iPhone App of the Week - Wikipanion

This weekend I downloaded Wikipanion from Apple's App Store. I needed to look up info on the move, and I felt that searching and scrolling through Wikipedia on the iPhone's Safari browser was pretty close to impossible. You have to zoom in, and scroll around to read, and then zoom out to figure out where you are on the page.

Wikipanion made it fast and easy for me to search for information.

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iTunes 8.0 Review

First off I have to admit that I have only had iTunes 8.0 for about 2 days now, but I have had some time to play with it. So far, it is pretty similar to version 7.7.

The three differences that I have seen are

  1. You now see how much app space that you have used on your iPhone.
  2. A new Grid View, or should I say, small cover shot view.
  3. Genius


I'll give you my review of Genius as soon as I get a chance to play with it. I was busy today with upgrading my iPhone.

I'll keep you posted...


iPhone Firmware 2.1 - My Take

No Copy & Paste!!! Oh well, I guess you can’t win them all.

Anyway, I’m still happy that the upgrade to Firmware 2.1 went well, and with out any delays or problems. I have seen great improvement in load speeds of Apps, and web sites using Safari.

Also, I have been playing nonstop with the iPhone since upgrading, and my battery life is still showing pretty close to full, where normally, it would be around half gone by now.

So overall I am happy with it, but I still would like to have the copy & paste feature…

Please Apple Please…

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Waiting for Tomorrow!!!

Some might not care, but I am excited for tomorrow's iPhone 2.1 update. I have had my iPhone (1st Gen) for over a year now, and I now do everything on it. From updating and checking my Facebook profile, work and personal emails, and everything I do on a daily basis.

During this period that I've had my iPhone it lacked one thing, and one thing only; the ability to Copy & Paste. Now Apple, and even Steve Jobs during the Let's Rock conference didn't say or hint at anything about it being in this new Firmware release, but there are a ton of rumors out there. I can only cross my fingers, and wait till the Apple Store allows me to connect and upgrade.

I will post either if or not successful in my wish, and I'll post my review of iTunes 8.0 tomorrow.


Welcome to the New mzampino.com...

I'm currently in the process of setting up the layout. I will be posting the first story soon. I should have all ready by September 11th, so come back then.

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