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I Got It! Disqus Comments are Back

Well, after my initial excitement back in August about availablility of adding Disqus Comments to my Squarespace site (New Commenting Method), I jumped right on it, and added it. This lasted pretty quick, due to their code being a bit buggy when interacting with Squarespace. While a couple of us fought the code, we were able to get it to function correctly, minus a couple features. It did seem like it was working, until I got a couple messages that there were issues.

Well, I think with a couple people contacting Disqus about it, and more playing with the code, I was able to get it back installed on the site and it working correctly (as far as I know).

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Squarespace Blimp at the Live Diggnation Show


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My Squarespace iPhone Blog

I just added a new Blog to my site. This will be for all my posting done via the new Squarespace iPhone App. Here's a Preview:

These posts are pics I took of the show and of the Squarespace Team at Diggnation Live in NYC on 11/17/09.

You can find the new iPhone Blog here:
Squarespace App Blog



My Twitter Feed

Well, after killing off my Sidebars in my latest redesign, I got upset that the only thing that I ever liked in my sidebars was my Twitter Feed. So I took out a piece of paper, and tried to come up with a plan to get my Twitter feed back on my site.

There were two ideas that I initially had. One, was to create a DIV off to the right side of the Content area, like I have my Social Media Links on the Left. This looked and worked well, but ran into an issue of my canvas being too wide, and on a normal 1024x768 screen resolution, it was getting chopped. So, idea number one was scrapped.

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Pure Squarespace

Well the re-design is now live. There are still a couple things I need to tweak, but they are so minimal that I did not want to hold up the re-launch while I worked on them. I hope you like it, please let me know what you think.

If you were familiar with my last version, you will note a total 100% change.

I really liked the old version, due to all the bells and whistles I added to it (i.e. Javascript Slideshows, outside Widgets, neat CSS tricks, and every other cool thing that I tested out and added because it worked).

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Working on a New Design

Hi all... Just wanted to let you know that I am working on a redesign of the site. It is coming together nicely, and I should be able to push it live in the next couple days.

As for the new design, I have been playing with moving some of the elements around and also looking at different column ideas.

I additionally want to remove my sidebars, because I really have nothing in them except garbage. Most if not all of my navigation is in the menu bars that I have at the top, which made the sidebars pointless.

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