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My Favorite iPhone App -- Gowalla

There are a number of Apps on my iPhone that I use and enjoy. I have talked about them in the past. The most exciting App that I currently use is Gowalla. This fun little App, which is similar to Foursquare, lets you roam all over and Discover and Check in at places you visit.

You can share your experiences at different locations, and post them for you Twitter and Facebook friends, as well as have your Friends that have the Gowalla App, see where you are and have been. You also get little rewards as you find and check in at different locations.

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Great design, no content...

Well as you might have noticed, I changed my layout once again. This time it was not that I did not like the style I had, it was due to the style killing my content and time.

I spent so much time aligning everything, that I did not have any time to write. And when I did write, I would then spend some more time aligning my content into the multi column layout I had.

The new design is just basic as you can see, but it will allow me to write, and not worry about alignment. Also, I can post quick entries from the editor and the iPhone App, and not have to rush to fix it up.

Hopefully, this will open my mind and allow me to post what I want, and when I want.

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I Got It! Disqus Comments are Back

Well, after my initial excitement back in August about availablility of adding Disqus Comments to my Squarespace site (New Commenting Method), I jumped right on it, and added it. This lasted pretty quick, due to their code being a bit buggy when interacting with Squarespace. While a couple of us fought the code, we were able to get it to function correctly, minus a couple features. It did seem like it was working, until I got a couple messages that there were issues.

Well, I think with a couple people contacting Disqus about it, and more playing with the code, I was able to get it back installed on the site and it working correctly (as far as I know).

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Squarespace Blimp at the Live Diggnation Show


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My Squarespace iPhone Blog

I just added a new Blog to my site. This will be for all my posting done via the new Squarespace iPhone App. Here's a Preview:

These posts are pics I took of the show and of the Squarespace Team at Diggnation Live in NYC on 11/17/09.

You can find the new iPhone Blog here:
Squarespace App Blog



My Twitter Feed

Well, after killing off my Sidebars in my latest redesign, I got upset that the only thing that I ever liked in my sidebars was my Twitter Feed. So I took out a piece of paper, and tried to come up with a plan to get my Twitter feed back on my site.

There were two ideas that I initially had. One, was to create a DIV off to the right side of the Content area, like I have my Social Media Links on the Left. This looked and worked well, but ran into an issue of my canvas being too wide, and on a normal 1024x768 screen resolution, it was getting chopped. So, idea number one was scrapped.

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