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New Commenting Method

While going through Squarespace’s Developer Community, I noticed a post asking if Squarespace works with Disqus. As soon as I found out that it does, I tracked down the instructions and implemented it on my site. It took me a total of 5 minutes to configure it, and add it to my site.

All works well, but it does overwrite the original amount of comments each post has, as well as hiding them too. I dug through their code and found a way to make the old comments show. So if you have commented on my site recently, each post might show “0 Comments” (I am still looking into fixing this), but they are once again visible when you go to each post individually.

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Twitter Apps That I Use

Yes, I’m standing up, and yes, my hand is raised… I am a Twitter Addict. I may not send out a hundred Tweets a day, or have millions of followers like the big guns, but I am on it and on it constantly. To be on and connected to Twitter around the clock is no easy feat, because you cannot just sit in front of a computer 24/7, you need to have some kind of life too, and by that I mean getting up and being mobile once and awhile.

To do this, I use a bunch of different Twitter Apps to keep me connected and up-to-date on all things Twitter, whether I am in front of a computer, or on the move.

Below, I compiled a list of the different Twitter Apps that I use, and I have broken them down into categories (On the Web, On the Desktop, and On the iPhone).

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How Did You Do That? - ColorSplash

Well I finally did it... I purchased my first iPhone App.

I usually grab the free ones from the AppStore, mostly because they were free, and I am cheap. Most of the Apps that I have downloaded are Games, Newsreaders, and a couple miscellaneous ones that I thought looked cool and I wanted to check them out.

But this one was different...

This one, I would actually use daily if I had a chance to. This one, made me say wow! This one, did something so amazing I could not pass it up. This one, when I saw an example sent to me from a friend, made me ask:

How Did You Do That???

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I Must Be Lazy

A couple weeks ago, I had some free time, so I took a trip into New York City to attend the 140 Character Conference (or for you Twitter folk #140Conf) Networking Event. There I met Claire Chang, and she told me all about the company she works for called Lazyfeed.

As Techcunch put it:

Lazyfeed is an interest feed for blog items. It indexes about 100,000 of the most popular blogs and organizes posts by topic. The hottest topics, as determined by related tags, pop up to the top. On the home page it shows you the hottest topics of the moment, which offers an easy entry point into the service.

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Odd Job

In looking for a new job, I have signed up for every known Job Board out there (Monster, Dice, Careerbuilder, etc...). Most of the responses I get are scams, jokes and in no way follow any of the job type / category settings I have setup and have listed.

The other day I received an email telling me that they noticed my resume and thought I would be a perfect match. This is pretty much the common email response I get before they dump a horrible position description in my lap.

But this one was different. This one made me think: "Is this even legal???"

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A New Start

Welcome to my new start. A new start in more ways than one. If you had read my last post Thoughts and Ideas, you can probably guess why my new start is needed.

Over the last week I have slowly started focusing on narrowing down the thoughts and ideas in my head. I have also been taking the overloaded energy my mind has been using and have been using it to channel me, my life, and my drive into a new direction.

With much thought, and a good needed kick in the ass, I have decided to start my own company and I have been working on putting it together for the last couple days. It is still in the early stages of coming together, but I'm going to do it, and that is where the new start in more ways than one comes in.

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